PayPal Acquired Curv to Make Digital Assets More Secure

PayPal To Acquire Curv, A Cryptocurrency Security Firm

Here’s another acquisition to be aware of. PayPal Holdings, Inc. has recently bought Curv, which specializes in security infrastructures for digital assets. PayPal is now focused on cryptocurrency, digital currency, and blockchain business units. Let’s discover more about this new deal and see how the payment expert can help you with low cost and secure transactions. 

PayPal – Curv Deal &

The electronic payments giant has bought Curve in a deal worth $200 million. Curv is a startup developing cloud-based services providing enhanced security for digital assets security. The head office is in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The cryptocurrency security company helps users store crypto assets with an added layer of security. By the way, there’s no need to obtain special hardware to get access to crypto wallets when using Curv’s cloud-based service. 

In addition, the company offers sophisticated policies for crypto asset withdrawal. Users can create lists for making regular transaction processing easier. What services are you offering to your customers? Are these services low cost and secure, sophisticated and not difficult to use? 

A reputable comparison specialist of merchant services providers like is the helping hand you need in these challenging times. Thanks to a true payment expert, you can get the most honest review of processors at the time of writing, which will guarantee the best deal for your company. This way, you can not only navigate today’s economic challenges but also achieve a new level of growth. 

What PayPal Says About the Acquisition

Jose Fernandez da Ponte, Vice President and General Manager at PayPal, says that by acquiring Curv, they take a new step on their journey towards investing in an inclusive financial system.

According to Perez Regev, General Manager at PayPal Israel, the payment giant has always paid exceptional attention to its office in Israel as a center of excellence for data sciences and security expertise.

To wrap this up, PayPal Holdings, Inc. has recently announced its interest in the company called Curv. The latter is an Israel-based firm providing cloud-based services to make crypto money processing more secure. Now, when PayPal has already acquired Curv, the payment giant’s initiatives and efforts aimed at entering the crypto world are getting bigger.  

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