The price of fuel is skyrocketing. The cost of gasoline is made worse by the fact that burning fossil fuels is one of the main drivers of environmental harm. The combustion of fuels like gasoline and diesel produces significant amounts of carbon emissions. In the midst of all of this, compressed natural gas (CNG) has emerged as one of the greatest fuel substitutes. Vehicles equipped with CNG kits are becoming more and more popular, and some of the main factors for this growth are inexpensive costs, low maintenance requirements, and much lower carbon emissions.

What is a CNG kit?

As was already said, you may either purchase a CNG automobile or two-wheeler or have a CNG kit installed in your current petrol or diesel-powered car. A CNG kit converts a car with an internal combustion engine to CNG compatibility. 

A refill valve, pressure gauge, an electric control unit, as well as additional fittings, including hoses, clamps, high-pressure tubes, etc., are all included in a CNG kit. But, you must determine whether your car or bike is suitable for the CNG fitting before scheduling the CNG fitting of your combustion engine vehicle. 

You can start the CNG kit installation process if your car is suitable with the fittings. A car or scooter that is powered by gasoline or diesel can be converted to run on compressed natural gas, but don’t forget to seek your RTO’s approval first. 

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What purpose does a CNG kit serve? 

Now that you are aware of what a CNG kit is and what it can achieve let’s examine the uses of the kit’s various parts. 

  • The fuel switch that comes with CNG fittings allows the driver to switch as needed from petrol or diesel to CNG mode. 
  • A CNG cylinder, often known as the fuel tank, is part of the CNG kit. The compressed natural gas is kept in this location. This cylinder is often mounted in the vehicle’s rear. 
  • Via a complex network of fuel lines or channels, the fuel tank releases high-pressure compressed gas. 
  • To regulate the pressure, there is a regulator. It works in tandem with the fuel injection system of the engine. 
  • The CNG then travels to the combustion or manifold chamber after the pressure has been stabilised. Here, CNG and air are in contact. 
  • The CNG is ignited by a spark plug as soon as it mixes with air, which causes the engine to start. 

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Is your car compatible with a CNG kit? 

More and more individuals are trying to figure out how to convert gasoline-powered cars to CNG vehicles due to their rising popularity. Nevertheless, not every car can have a CNG kit installed. For instance: Such technical modifications are not appropriate for older automobiles.

For bikes with a middle to high CC, CNG is not the best option. These bikes require more power for acceleration. The majority of scooters, nevertheless, are CNG-compatible. 

Contacting or visiting the closest Regional Transport Office is the best and most reliable way to find out whether your gasoline- or diesel-powered automobile can be changed to a CNG-powered vehicle or not (RTO). Make sure you get bajaj allianz car insurance with adequate coverage to protect your vehicle.

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