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The solar panel requires maintenance to make sure that it is still functional, and the overall condition is good. Solar panel users usually get free cleaning from their solar providers since it is part of the warranty.  Solar panel maintenance costs can be pricey. Therefore, you are lucky if it is included in your warranty. Residential and commercial solar panel cleaning costs, both cost you more without your warranty. 

How Much Does Solar Panel Maintenance Cost?

How much does it cost to pay the pros to clean my solar panels? The maintenance cost average is $240. However, the cost can depend on the condition of your solar panels. The warranty solar provider gives may have some restrictions. For instance, service is the only one given free, but any replacement will be paid for by the solar panel owners. Technician’s pay is costly since they have their expertise. Getting it for free is already a big thing. Plus, consider the years that they will be rendering services for your solar panel maintenance. Factors are also considered on solar panel maintenance cost, such as:

Location of Solar Panels

Most solar panels are located on the roof, which means extra effort is done to be able to clean our solar panels. With this factor, there can be an added charge, especially if you have a two or more-story house. 

Level of Build-up

In cases where a solar panel hasn’t been maintained for a few years, for instance. Extra work is needed and this means an extra fee.

Solar Panel Size 

More solar panels mean wider spaces to clean. Some solar panel cleaners have a minimum amount for a certain solar panel measurement. If your solar panel is bigger than the measurement, then you have to pay extra. 

Maintenance Agreement 

If you are bound by warranties with your solar panel providers, make sure to read and understand what is included and what is not when it comes to solar panel maintenance. So, issues will not arise whenever you need to have your solar panel cleaned. 

The proximity of Solar provider 

If your place is far from your solar provider, then it can cost you more when you need solar maintenance. That’s why patronizing the nearest solar provider near your home can be the best option. 

Why Should I Clean My Solar Panels?

Solar panels are exposed to a lot of elements, which means they need to be cleaned regularly to clear them of any elements. The regular schedule for solar panel maintenance is once a year. However, if you think your solar panel needs immediate cleaning, then you don’t need to wait for the annual schedule. There are circumstances when solar panels need to be cleaned immediately, for instance, after a storm or when they are already full of dried leaves during autumn. During maintenance, everything should be checked, not only the solar panels. This should include the cables, wires, switch, inverters, and all the structures attached to the solar panel. To make sure that everything is functional, and they can still be efficient in doing their job. 

How Can I Clean My Solar Panels Myself?

Simp0le cleaning is possible, such as sweeping accumulated dust or other elements on your solar panel. But it would still be best if technicians would do it for you. Solar panels may look sturdy, but they are sensitive too. There are considerations when cleaning them:


Identifying obstructions is relevant since this can damage your solar panel if not removed properly. There are certain techniques that only solar technicians know for removing obstructions. 


Some dust or other debris can build up on corners and spaces on your solar panels. They have to be removed since they can affect the efficiency of the solar panels. 

Proper Equipment

Cleaning and maintenance should be done by technicians since they are equipped with the proper tools for cleaning your solar panel and conditioning all its structures as well. 

There are a lot of factors that affect solar panel maintenance costs. It would be best to contact your solar provider to do the inspection and the quotation rather than putting your solar panel system at risk by doing everything on your own.

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